Training & Placement

About Training & Placement

The Institute of Agricultural Sciences with a vibrant Training and Placement Cell (T&P) has been aimed for the on-campus training and internship of students during course period and subsequent placement thereafter. The cell works in unison with the Placement Coordination Cell of the University for better opportunities for the students. It has also been continuously working with different institutes and organisations providing training to the students so as to enable them face real-time challenges. With an impressive record of placements through campus interviews since many years a large number of private and public sector companies, MNCs and NGOs have been visiting the campus , recruiting large number of students. The rigorous academic life in this Institute prepares our students to face multitude of challenges and take on multifaceted positions and responsibilities as required by the corporate world. The students are sent for training/internship from the very first year of their undergraduate degree so as to acquaint them with various new breakthrough technologies, path breaking new scopes and number of challenges that they are likely to face in the future as a professional. The T&P Cell prepares the students to excel and be at par with any other professional in the sector .Thus, continuously propelling them to work harder, perform better and prioritizing. So that they make best possible use of support and opportunities.

The Training and Placement Cell has also been integrated with an Alumni Cell which has been working continuously with our alumni, serving in different sectors to form an extensive network of alumni. This has enabled the Institute and students to remain in contact with distinguished achievers from various sectors. The Alumni Cell works in close association with several chapters throughout the country, in different cities with a central committee encompassing alumni from across the globe. The Alumni Cell also organizes grand alumni reunions from time to time so as to remind the glimpse of their golden days of student life. It also helps the present generation to witness the prestigious tradition and achievements of the Institute and encourages them to try their best to perform better and maintain the legacy.