Soil Science

Dr. Priyankar Raha
Professor & Head


A section of Agricultural Chemistry was established in the year 1945 in erstwhile Institute of Agricultural Research (I.A.R.) and was located in a single laboratory. The section of Agricultural Chemistry got its due recognition as Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 1968.

Human resource development by quality teaching continues to remain the basic thread besides the department envisages revising and strengthening its focus on basic and strategic research. Sustaining soil health for food security an nutritional safety without impairing environmental quality and creating mass awareness about soil and society relationship is the focus areas we wish to concentrate. The pioneering research achievements of the department are formation of clay humus-complex theory responsible for coluoration of black soil that was invited by Swedish Royal Academy for the consideration of Nobel Prize of Chemistry, 1970.


Quality Human Resource Development equipped with modern teaching and research techniques exposing them to real problem of the Indian farmers and industries. Proposed outreach activities to address productivity enhancement and environmental issues.


To maintain soil health for achieving sustainable crop production to feed the ever increasing population with the aim to provide nutritious food for improving human health