Farm Engineering

Prof. R.M Singh
Head, Department of Farm Engineering


Department was established in 1981. Department comprises three sections namely Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Statistics and Computer Application. The Department offers courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students in these disciplines and offers M.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)- a Special Course of Study, Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering) and Ph.D. in Agricultural Statistics.

Achievements of the Department and Future vision for the department-


Department completed 11 projects funded by ICAR,,NOVOD,UGC,RKVY Etc. amounting to about 275 lakhs
Developed bullock drawn multi farming machine , Dry land weeder , manual low lift pump and cropping system for normal as well as climate resilience cropping system
Organized national seminars, Organized 20 Farmer’s trainings for 800 stakeholders, 67th Annual conference of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics.
Conducted awareness programmes on conservation and management of water on World Water Day and Imparted trainings on use of statistical software to the PG and Ph.D. students.
Research collaboration with premier national research institutes in M.Tech and Ph.D.
Published research papers, books, books chapters and manuals etc.
Department started the following Academic programmes during XI th five year plan
1. M.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering).
2. Ph.D. in Agricultural Statistics.
3. Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering).
4. Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering (Bio Process and Food Engineering).

Future vision

Productivity enhancement through mechanization of irrigated and rain fed agriculture with particular reference to small and marginal farmers.
Conservation agriculture.
Precision Farming through component of water management.
Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Natural resource management.
Primary processing, value addition and product diversification to bridge existing gap between production and post harvest technologies
Strengthening energy in the rural sector by exploiting renewable energy sources.
Establishing system for forecasting of prices, insect pest and diseases of crops and status of nutrient and micro nutrient of soil.