Entomology & Agricultural Zoology

Dr. Prem Shanker Singh
Professor & Head


The section of Entomology came into existence with the start of under graduate teaching in agriculture leading to B. Sc. (Ag.) degree in the year 1945 with Entomology as one of the compulsory subject under the college of Agriculture. It was fortunate that the establishment of this section was entrusted in the able hands of Dr. S. P. Mukharjee in 1946. Rai Bahadur Dr. K. D. Baveja, a known name in Indian Entomology, joined this section in 1956 as Honorary Reader; this signified a rich taxonomic collection of insects, and intensive study of the life history of insect pests of this region and an exemplary teaching in the field of applied Entomology.

The Department of Entomology & Agricultural Zoology came in to existence in its full swing in the year 1971. After the departure of Dr. Baveja, this section was nourished by Dr. S. P. Mukherjee till 1974. Dr. Mukharji will always be remembered for organizing an enthused small team of the then young scientists namely Dr. Janardan Singh, Dr. H.N. Singh and Dr. D. S. Mishra, entrusted with teaching and conducting researches in various fields of Entomology. He initiated pioneer studies on soil arthropods of this region as parts of Ph.D. researches and through a research project financed by ICAR. It is to his credit that the postgraduate teaching in Entomology and Agricultural Zoology started in 1968.

Sufficient addition was made in applied as well as fundamental researches after Dr. Lallan Rai joined this Department as Professor in 1974. Separate research laboratories of toxicology, physiology, ecology, economic entomology, Biocontrol and Acarology were established. The faculty strength of the department was increased with the appointment of two teachers namely Dr. Paras Nath and Dr. N.N. Singh during 1984. The faculty strength increased further during 1991 with the appointment of Dr. R.N. Singh, Dr. S.V.S. Raju as Lecturer and Dr. C.P. Srivastava as Lecturer-cum-Jr. Scientist (Pulses) under AICPIP. Dr. K. N. Mehrotra, FNA, Ex-Head Division of Entomology, IARI, Ex-ADG (Plant Protection), ICAR, joined the department as Professor of Eminence in the year 1992. His brief stay for two years (1992-1994) signified the formulation of a research laboratory on Insecticide resistance management. Dr. C. P. Srivastava got selected as Professor on a direct selection post in this department in 2006. Dr. Prem Shanker Singh, joined this department as Reader-cum-Entomologist (MULLaRP) during 2006, while Dr. M. Raghuraman, as Lecturer and Dr. Ram Keval as Lecturer-cum-Jr. Scientist (Pigeonpea) joined the department in the year 2007. Later on Dr. R.S. Meena has joined as Assistant Professor (Taxonomy) in the year 2010. A number of distinguished national & international scientists have been visiting this department during this period and also participated in national workshop, conference & symposia organized by this department. At present the total strength of teachers and scientists is 09, composed of 6 professors & 3 Assistant Professor. Till now department has produced more than 355 M.Sc. (Ag.) and 115 Ph.D. students.