Sr. Agronomist & Head


Agronomy department was established in 1968 under Faculty of Agriculture in Banaras Hindu University.  The department has a glorious history and the alumni are well placed.


In view of the changing agricultural scenario and future challenges to meet the food demand of increasing population and to make agricultural production sustainable and agricultural education/research more meaningful with enough employment opportunities, radical changes in the agronomic education and research is required.


  1. Reducing water footprint in agriculture.
  2. Developing agronomic strategy to mitigate the challenges of climate change
  3. Developing  Integrated Farming System models under different eco-systems for livelihood security of the farming community.      


  1. Identified crop diversification options in rice-wheat system.
  2. Developed infrastructural facilities at agricultural research farm for basic research on water productivity under SAP (Special Assistance Programme) of UGC.
  3. Developed 1.0 ha. Integrated farming system model under irrigated condition o Varanasi and watershed based IFS models for the disadvantaged districts of Mirzapur and Sonbhadra.
  4. Developed conservation agriculture based crop management options for eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  5. Developed improved crop and resource management options for stress prone rice ecosystems of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  6. Biocontrol of Parthenium through products of Xanthium strumarium
  7. Developed resource efficient production technologies in Indian mustard under changing climatic condition.
  8. Integrated nutrient management under system of rice intensification.